TEDx Talk: An Iteration for Life

TEDx Talk: Memory by Design

Anticipating 2045: Talk

Interview: Natasha Vita-More on Whole Body Prosthetic

Video: Body by Design

Featured Interviews: Film, Television, Documentaries, Blogs



  • Superlongevity Network. Available
  • Scienceline. NYC. n.d.
  • Faith Deficit Podcast. Feb 2018.
  • Redazione Report, Italy, RAI National Public TV and Radio. [3Million viewers], Feb 2018.



  • I Love Cyborgs. Filmproduktion GMBH. (Stephan Bergmann, Director). (TBD).


  • Galilleu. Brazil. 2016 Trends. (Tiago Mali, Science Writer). (Dec).
  • Tomorrow Never Dies. Lavr Studio, Russia. (Daria M., Producer). (Dec).
  • Life in the Future. 50 Minutes Inside, France. Tf1 TV channel. (Adele Haltz). (May)
  • Scientific Attempts to Extend Life. Guff.com (docu). (May).
  • Confronting Mortality. PBS. Helen Whitney Productions. (June).
  • ARTE / What’s Up Films (docu). Transhumanism. (Alice Coyard). (Feb).
  • Spirit of Silicon Valley and TransHumanity (docu). Austrian Independent Films. (Patrice Fuchs). (Jan).
  • Human Future. Swiss TV (docu). Fulvio Bernasconi). (Jan).
  • Forever Young. Tell Tale Productions Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (Lisa Heyden). (Feb).


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  • Paris Match magazine. Immortality. (Karen Isere). (October).
  • Philosophie Magazine. France. (Alexandre Lacroix). (June).
  • Evolve Magazine. Germany. Consciousness and Culture. (Mike Kauschke). (June).
  • Servus TV (Red Bull) (docu). (Katharina Gellner). (March).


  • Usbek&Rica, France. Future of Sex. (Stephane Loignon). (Dec).
  • Defender Films. Transhumanism (docu). (Thomas Horn, CEO). (Nov).
  • Singularity Webblog Video: Natasha Vita-More on Whole Body Prosthetic. (Sept).
  • Infinito Festival Circuit (docu). (Flavia Guimaraes, Project Mgr). (June).
  • Body by Design. (June).
  • Netzwelt.Grmany. Transhumanism. (Annika Demgen). (March).
  • The European. Berlin, Germany. (Thore Barfuss, Martin Eiermann). (Jan).


  • French TV. Human Capabilities. (Dec)
  • Metro International Newspaper. “Human Improvements / Implants”. (Kieron Monks). (Dec).
  • Tinfoil Magazine. Artists on the Edge. (Dec).
  • The Believer magazine. Transhumanist Movement. (Alex Mar). (Dec).
  • BBC Radio Series “Digital Human. (Aleks Krotoski. Guardian) (Oct. 25).
  • Center for Genetics and Society. (Adam Smith). (Feb)


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  • Space Collective. (April).


  • “Human Enhancement". Dissidents, France2. France, Producer: Cecile Denjean.


  • The Rough Guide to the Future, (Jon Turney). (Nov).


  • Ten Alps Television "Teen America" (documentary) re life extension (March).


  • Shock Films "Technophobia Science Fiction Visions of Posthuman Future", (documentary) (July).


  • Bravo Films "The Future" Featured (June).
  • Media Television, Canada "Art & Life" Featured (Feb).
  • "Life Extension" (documentary) featured France, Jean-Martial Lefranc, producer.


  • Discovery Channel, UK "The Science of Beauty" feature, Fiona Scott Johnson, Prod. (Mar 18).


  • BBC Films, Featured: "Heart of the Matter" on the future, Phil Pegum, Prod. (Jan).
  • Atomic Brain, SciFi Channel kick-off show, re: future of humans.


  • Discovery Channel (BBC documentary) featured re future body, cyborgs and posthumans.
  • Fontana della Giovinezza (documentary) featured re extropians & indefinite lifespans.
  • Future Fantastic (BBC documentary) featured re transhumans, posthumans and automorphing.
  • Home and Family (Family Channel) featured guest, "Neurosuspensions" and immortality.
  • The Geraldo Rivera Show (NBC TV) studio guest re enhancement and creativity.
  • Studio 7 (Cable TV) studio guest re Transhumanist Art.

1996 BBC Films (documentary) featured appearance re indefinite lifespans.

1995 - 1985

  • PBS France (documentary) re optimal lifestyle and life extension.
  • PBS US (documentary) re longevity, cryonics.
  • Strange Universe (TV) appearance re Transhumanist Art.
  • The Other Side (NBC TV) Studio guest on panel re cryonics.
  • Periodista (Chili TV) featured guest re immortality.
  • ABC News (TV) featured guest re cryonics and the future.
  • PBS France (TV) featured guest re documentary on Space Camp.