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  • Vogue Magazine, PL. (Czyewska, July). “Natasha Vita-More: Starzenie się to choroba”. Available
  • Glamour Magazine, PL. (Kucinska, July 11). “Przyszłość z robotami, czyli 2. edycja „Masters & Robots”, na której nie może Was zabraknąć”.  Available


  • NRC Handelsbad, The Netherlands. (Gafsou, Mouchet, Nov.) “Verbeterde mensen zijn goed voor de samenleving” Available
  • The Good Men Project. “An Intervierw with Dr. Natasha Vita-More. (Bowman, May 6). Available
  • Business Insider. “That will be our future. The second edition of master’s and Robots starts soon”. (Polska, Aug 20) Available
  • VG. “Perfect health, perfect morality and eternal life: How new technology will make man better”. (n.a./n.d.) Available
  • Tendencias21. “Un robot humanoide inaugurará en Madrid la cumbre futurista mundial TransVision 2018”. (n.a. July 30). Available
  • El Mundo Magazine. "El Mayor Reto Para La Humanidad" (Yanke, May) Available
  • Aventures chez Les Transhumanites. "Cyborgs etc." (April 28) Available
  • Boerse-Express. "Afternoon dedicated to Artificial Intelligence" (April 19) Available
  • Wired Magazine. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Transhumanism is Dominating Sci-Fi TV" (Maloney Feb 8) Available




  • The Niche. “Global transhumanist leader Natasha Vita-More on human germline modification” (Aug 3)
  • Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper. “About Natasha Vita-More” (Vahvanen, April)
  • OZY magazine, NPR, CNN USA Today. “Anti-Aging Trends” (Pandika, March)





  • US News “Stem cell wars” (Aug 8).
  •, "Media, Culture and Technology"
  • Singularity Weblog, "Profile of Natasha Vita-More"
  • Dutch Film & Television Academy, "The Singularity"
  • Le Monde, "Transhuman and Human Enhancement"
  • Ilabs, Italy, "Ethics and Law of Singularity"
  • Polytopia ezine, “The Audacious beauty of our future – Natasha Vita-More, and Interview” (Feb 8).


  • Allure Magazine. “Cosmetic Surgery”. (Joan Kron, Cont. Editor. NY) (Nov).
  • Tomorrow Museum, “Natasha Vita-More and Bruce Sterling at SXSW” (Mar 9).


2007 Nutraceuticals World, “The Anti-Aging Movement” (Sept).


  • Tin Foil Music, “20 Questions with Natasha Vita-More”.
  • Meme Therapy. “Interview with Natasha”.
  • Neofiles #38, “Interview with Natasha Vita-More” RU Sirius.
  • MondoGlobo #38, RU Sirus

2005 Le Magazine de Optimum, France Techno Multimedia Arts, "Natasha Vita-More, Bionic Woman" p. 56, No. 73, (Mars). Media Net Art "Cyborg Bodies".


  • Futurist "Pro-Life!" (July 23).
  • US News "The body of the future: High-tech homo sapiens" (May 25).
  • US News "Stem Cell Wars" (March 2).


  • Village Voice "Cyborg Liberation Front" (Aug 5).
  • Harvard Advocate "The Engineers of human souls at a Yale on transhumanism" (June).
  • KD Nuggets News "Exploring the "Singularity - Will human still exist by 2030?" (March).
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  • Crux News "Bio-Luddites and secular rapture" (Dec 31).


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