What does it mean to be human at the intersection of AI, robots, nanotech, and automation.

Voice & Exit Festival – Austin Texas

Video for “Voice & Exit Festival”, Austin, TX 5-18/5-19 .
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Why we care about what it means to be human

Many  people what to know what it means to be human. According to recent quantifiable data,  with 71,100,000 Internet links, including 2,840,000 videos, 3,66,000 books and 1,960,000 news articles all covering this topic. Is it strange for a species to ask what it means to be itself? Yes, when the species is in transition and…
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Democracy, AI and Genomics

[I wrote this abstract for the ASU Governance Conference in May of 2018.] Each era of human achievement reveals previously unimaginable goals that impact humanity and the world. The current use of artificial intelligence has formed an era of technological mitigation to resolve what had once been an unimaginable goal—the ability to identify and organize…
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